MRSA Staph Infection

MRSA is a Staph infection that is resistant to some antibiotics (including methicillin, oxacillin, peicillin, and amoxicillin). MRSA is either hostial acquired (HA), meaning you caught the bacteria during a stay in the hospital, or community acquired (CA), meaning you got the bacteria somewheres else (most commonly a gym).

Many people who get MRSA are healthy individuals who are going about their normal lives. It is contagious by touch only. The gym is often a source for MRSA because people leave sweat behind on the equipment. You can also get it from towels, sheet, clothes, etc. that are contaminated. MRSA is usually transmitted by the following pathway:

Infected person contaminates object, you use object, you get bacteria on your hands, inadvertently you touch your nose, the bacteria enter your nasal canal, the bacteria colonize in nasal canal (often leaving sores in nostrils), bacteria stay on you for a while and finally present themselves as a skin infection.

On the other hand there are some people who are carriers. These people have the Staph bacteria colonized in their nose, but never present any type of infection. You can still catch Staph from these a carrier.

MRSA will usually present itself as an infection of the skin, such as a boil. A boil looks like an enlarged pimple and is filled with pus. You can get boils anywhere on your body and if untreated they can grow to be very large and endanger your life. See advice on treating MRSA Staph Infections.

There are many foods you should avoid when treating staph.


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In most cases, Football bettors are concerned mostly with beating the point spread and so they make use of the Point spread method. Application of this method can be seen in the example below;

Enyimba – 3.5

Kano Pillars + 3.5

This just means that Enyimba are the favorites going by the negative sign while Kano Pillars are the under dogs. Now if a Bettor bets on Enyimba, it means they need to win by at least four points to cover the spread. However if the Bettor placed a bet on Kano Pillars it simply means that they would have to lose by three, two or one point or just win the game outright, making the Bettor win his/her bet.

Using the same example for Moneyline method : 

Enyimba (-110) Vs Kano Pillars (+110)

This would mean that if Enyimba wins, the Bettor gets a payout of $100 from a bet of $110. But then if Kano Pillars wins, it means that the bettor gets a payout of $110 from $100 bet.

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